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Policy oF Returns

  • Are there situations I will not return any of their products?

    There are a number of specific cases where the product can not be Back:

    1. when submitting the return request after a specified time, which is 15 days from the date of receipt.
    2. when using the product, or when you damage it, or when it is not in the same situation that you have received it.
    3. specific products such as underwear, socks and free clothes etc.
    4. damaged products covered by the manufacturer's guarantee that.
    5. consumer products have been used or installed.
    6. product has been tampered with or removed serial numbers.
    7. products without price tags, or labels, or the original cover, or the lack of any of its own accesories.
    8. Ntjat unbreakable or used as a product cleaner.
    9. if I received an item that is not working properly / damaged, how do I retrieve my money you paid?

      When the item you receive in the case of damaged or not working properly, you can then re-item to us in the same condition that you received it and the same original packaging. Once we are receiving this item, we will examine them, and if found to be defective or damage it, we going to start immediately re Here's your money measures, both those that paid the price of a commodity or those paid to ship the item and connected to you.

    10. item that you received were not the same as the item you requested, how can I return it?

      starters, we apologize for this unintentional error. In this situation you can re-item in the same condition and packaging, which received it and send it to us. Once we receive your item, we will immediately begin the return of all amounts paid by the financial procedures to you.

    11. I've changed my mind I no longer want my watch that I bought, can I returned? How?

      Of course you can redistribute the item that you no longer want Aguenaha, we understand that the right buyer gets exactly Mairead goods they want in addition to the right to reverse his opinion with respect to buy it from a commodity. In this case, all you need is to contact us to cancel your order and we will you complete your money
      If you have received this item, it will be able to return within a period of 15 days from the date of your receipt has provided that the item

      1. are included in the list of goods that can not be returned
      2. Item not listed with the card to be shown that it can not return this item
      3. be re-Item the same condition as received them with cover.

        In any case, you can call the Customer Service Centre in the Tamoan.kom ((+2) 19 932) or visit the Contact Us page on the website for more information.

      4. Can I return the clothes and other accessories that you have bought?

        You can return any of the clothes or accessories that you have purchased within a period of 14 days of receipt, provided that the same condition as received by the fund and the inside, this item is not:

        1. are included in the list of goods that can not be returned
        2. Item not listed with the card to be shown that it can not return this item
        3. be re-Item the same condition as received them with cover.
        4. What are the goods that I can not return?

          commodity that you can not return them are:

          1. all goods which clearly shows that this item can not be returned.
          2. when the seller notes on my clear that he can not return this item sold after
          3. all goods that fall under the following categories:
            - Underwear
            - Lingerie
            - Socks
            - Computer programs.
            - Album musical
            - Books
            - Swimsuit
            - Cosmetics and perfumes

            In addition to all goods expendable set forth in consumer rights with regard to the goods sold.

          4. km and freight broker needs time to be able to receive and deliver the goods returned?

            under normal circumstances, the freight broker will contact you within three to five business days from the date on which the requesting re-Item, but in some cases, it may require up to two weeks for the shipping service provider Item receiving from you.

          5. Can I arrange an appointment with the shipping service provider to do I hand over my watch him?

            At the moment, You can not directly contact the service provider to determine the shipping date for delivery of the item delegate, but you can limit the time that you are comfortable with the delegate when contact you.

          6. Can I return the item that I bought after 15 days?

            in the event of certain circumstances that prevented what between you and re-item within 15 days from the date of receipt, please notify our customer service team on Tamoan.kom ((+971) -4-437 0900), or send a complaint through the Contact us page on the site. All complaints in this case are being studied independently. In general, all goods that are approved returned must be subject to the provisions of the consumer protection laws.

          7. How do I restore my money on my credit card?

            The return of funds paid are fast and extremely smooth after the receipt of item. If you've paid for the item through one of the various electronic means (such as credit cards, etc.) or cashU, then it will be returned to the amounts paid directly to your card. For receipt of funds from one person to another varies according to bank requirements, sometimes it takes months, so you can restore your money.

          8. if I pay cash on delivery, how do I retrieve my money?
            • The return of funds paid are fast and extremely smooth after the receipt of item. If you pay the price of the item in cash When you receive it, or through, the amount paid will be transferred to the balance will be added to your Tamoan.kom. In this case it will be able to easily and either be played using this balance in buying another commodity, or that you are converting to a bank account. The objectives related to your security, you have to be sure that your bank account is the same bank account located in your personal page on Tamoan.kom.
            • carry out the purchase of less than or equal Available in Supply portfolio available balance: If the total amount of the process of the new purchase your own, including shipping charges less than or equal Available in your Supply portfolio balance, the system will tell you that there is enough credit Supply in your portfolio. You will then need to click on the "order confirmation" and the amount will be deducted from the purchase of the new available in your Supply portfolio balance.
            • make the process of buying more than is available in the Supply portfolio available balance: If the total amount of the process of the new purchase, including shipping charges more than the available balance in your Supply portfolio, you'll need to choose the online payment method (credit / cash card Yu) to pay the difference, to complete Achara.sicom system process then deduct the amount available from the balance Supply portfolio of your own will be the outstanding amount remaining is calculated to calculate the payment method you chose on the Internet (you can not pay the amount teams across the option to pay on delivery). If you choose to pay "method of payment on delivery," you will need to pay the full amount for shipping courier will not be any amount from the balance of your portfolio Supply discount.
            • Can I exchange the item that I no longer want her other commodity?

              up to this moment, does not provide Tamoan.kom buyers the possibility of replacement or change the commodity other commodity.

            • original packaging of the product is no longer I, how do I retrieve my money?

              Tamoan.kom enables you recover your money in full if the full item casing where the cards on it only. If you lose this packaging, please to contact our customer service at ((+971) -4-437 0900)

            • What is meant by "original cover" stamped and closed?

              You must make sure that the cover is open or damaged, and it is in the same situation that you have received it.

            • will you be able re-item I want to Tamoan.kom through any other provider of shipping service or personally?

              So far, the re-shipping goods authorized service are not only receiving Tamoan.kom goods returned through a provider. The representative of the service provider contact you to schedule an appointment to receive the item that you want to return it within a period of three to five working days of the request for re-Item.

            • when my desire to re item that I bought, it will pay the cost of shipping?

              when you want to return the item Tamoan.kom ensures that you fully returned free of charge. In this case, Tamoan.kom will pay the entire cost of shipping and re-money fully paid to you.

            • How do I get a bill of lading prepaid Tamoan.kom?

              Once require re-Item. You will receive an e-mail message containing the waybill prepaid Tamoan.kom to be able to re-item that you want, completely free of charge.

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